Seth Meyers Ripped Fox News For Pretending The Jan. 6 Hearings Are BS When, On That Day, They Were Pleading With Trump To Stop The Riots

While few people would cite “honesty” as one of the most commonly shared traits among Fox News’ most popular personalities, Seth Meyers, for one, would prefer it if people like Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity actually believed the bullsh*t that spills out of their mouths.

On Thursday, the Late Night host laughed off the network’s decision to not air the first primetime January 6 hearing—even though they sort of did—and making it sound as if they were taking some sort of stand against the truth. Meyers, however, sees it differently. “Of course Fox isn’t airing it, they’re a key suspect in it,” he said. “That would be like if Court TV’s coverage of the O.J. trial had been hosted by O.J.”

“Fox was an active participant in spreading the Big Lie that led to the attempted coup,” Meyers continued, “and has since helped whitewash and cover up what happened.” But as we’ve heard before, and as Liz Cheney explained again last night, many of the same media personalities who have been telling their viewers that the events of January 6 were nothing more than a “peaceful protest” had very different opinions about the events as they were happening. Ingraham, Hannity, and Brian Kilmeade were among the individuals who reached out to Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s then-chief of staff, in an attempt to convince the then-president to stop the violence we all witnessed.

While he was shocked that Kilmeade knows how to communicate on anything that isn’t a “tin can attached to a string,” Meyers made it clear that he’d prefer it if these same people who are delivering their personal versions of “the news” to millions of viewers actually believed the stories they’re peddling night after night.

“They don’t even believe their own bullsh*t. In a way, it would at least be more honest if we found out that behind the scenes they were texting stuff like, ‘I can’t believe Antifa and the radical left are staging this false flag operation to frame Trump and his supporters and stop him from proving that the election was stolen! Besides, this is just a peaceful protest and it’s all Nancy Pelosi’s fault.”

You can watch the full clip above.