Seven Craigslist Ads Posted By People Truly Up For Whatever

Like Whatever USA, Craigslist has a reputation as a place where anything can happen. Here are just some of the hilariously bizarre things you can find in the list of Craig, to give you some ideas about the fun to be had when you’re up for whatever.

Man Seeks Duck

This guy is looking to rent some ducks. Why? Because he wants to put them on a model train, put little origami hats made out of money on their heads, and have people grab them off. Why else would he want to rent ducks?

And You Thought Waiters Had A Tough Job



This ad is looking for a waiter. Simple enough, right? Did we mention the part where he has to be a Super Saiyan from Dragonball Z? And the gig only pays in food?

Finally, A Used Car Worth Buying

There are many terrible cars on Craigslist, but every now and then, you get a deal. Like, for example, Deadmau5’s Purrari, a Ferrari with Nyan Cat decals, for just $380,000, with the money going to charity. Craigslist proved they weren’t up for whatever by taking the ad down, but Deadmau5 still sold his car, marking it possibly the first car ad that ended in satisfaction on Craigslist.

Time Machine Repairman Wanted

Amazingly, the ad went into more detail than just the headline. Really, you’d think that would say it all.

Shaving Face

We still wonder what happened with this one: The guy behind this was looking for a woman willing to shave her face for a month to settle a bet between a man and his brother in law. Hey, we’d do it for $195. (If you’re wondering, the guy paying to settle the bet was right)

A Mural Of Toaster Pastries

What gets us the most is the line about why this mural artist won’t be paid: The instigator of this needs to take out a small loan to pay for the materials. Also, no chocolate sprinkles? Barbarous!

And Finally, One That We Will Quote, In Its Entirety

We are shooting a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger crushing things with a tank (seriously) and need a sculpture of a horse-sized duck (can be paper mache?) by Weds AM.
Location: Venice
Compensation: Market-rate for this kind of work

But you may be wondering… was this legit? And in fact… it was!

Kudos to Arnold, the master of being up for whatever and possibly the master of Craigslist. Although we do still like the time machine guy.

Up for whatever? Prove it by submitting a 10 second audition video at Up For Whatever for your chance to go. And, hey, if you don’t get in? There’s always Craigslist.


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