Shaquille O'Neal Might Finally Have Some Video Game Redemption

Shaquille O’Neal is a noted and talented basketball player, but among his contributions to pop culture were a Fu Shnickens cut and one of the worst superhero movies ever made.

None, however, reach the depths that is Shaq Fu. Insofar as we are aware, it is the only video game with a group of private citizens dedicated to finding every copy and destroying it.

Shaq now has a new game, nearly two decades later, called ShaqDown. It costs a buck. So we downloaded it and… actually, it doesn’t stink. Hiptic Games might have finally given Shaq a game he can be somewhat proud of.

It helps, a lot, that the game is aware of precisely how ridiculous the concept of a former NBA player being the sole remaining warrior against hordes of crafty zombies actually is:

The game plays a lot like the old Tiger Electronics games, except with far better graphics and sound and more of a sense of humor. Shaq offers his own voice, and while he’s not the greatest voice actor, it’s pleasantly cheesy to hear him try his best. And, yes, the game is rife with Shaq puns. Remember to earn Shaqra!

The art design is also slightly cheesy, but there’s some talent behind it. Specifically, Street Fighter artist Long Vo.

In terms of gameplay, it’s an infinite runner that’s slightly more complex than most, but not exactly hard to master. You throw basketballs, as you may have guessed, and jump between levels to bowl over zombies. There are different moves and specials, but really the gameplay is fairly simple. Good thing the game itself is only three levels long!

Is it going to wipe away the ignominy that is that terrible fighting game? No. But on the other hand, it is nice to see Shaq finally catch a break.