Sia Tried To Destroy The Reputation Of Her Dry Cleaner On Twitter But Yelpers Came To The Rescue

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06.18.14 21 Comments
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Yesterday Sia solicited her 466K followers for advice after her dry cleaner ruined some of her “favorite things.” After a few suggestions were thrown out, one of her followers recommended that she Tweet out the small businesses Yelp link so that her followers could “descend en masse” to troll the business and ostensibly destroy their reputation. Because Sia must have been wearing her bad idea jeans yesterday, she complied:

Look, I get it. Bad dry cleaning is frustrating. But attempting to destroy an entire small business because of one disagreement? That is like, Eric Cartman diabolical. Amazingly however, good sense prevailed and Yelp nipped all Sia-fueled bad reviews (which apparently included references to murder and Nazis) in the bud — as media-fueled reviews violate Yelp’s guidelines — and now the majority of the reviews for Ozone Park’s Metropolitan Garment Cleaning are chock full of Sia backlash.

Yelp: 1; Sia/Twitter: 0.

I just signed up for Yelp right now because I wanted to leave a 5 star review for this business to help counteract the nonsense started by Sia.  Shame on her!  Don’t know who she is, never heard her music, don’t want to, especially now.  Too bad there’s no Yelp reviews on vindictive entertainers.

Sia is kind of a terrible person.  I will be honest, I live thousands of miles away from this place.. maybe they botched her clothes and maybe they didn’t. . Nevertheless, I would assume someone of means and celebrity would handle themselves with class and not take it to a libelous yelp war by inciting people to drag on the reviews.  This is a small business owner.   Post your comment yourself, don’t have a swarm of fans do your bidding.  This post is to equalize the obvious BS reviews.

I don’t know what transpired between this business and Sia, but to use your celebrity to possibly ruin a local small business is a totally bad idea, especially when you’re messing with the livelihood of the employees. Take them to Small claims court, don’t run a malicious campaign against people you have a disagreement with.

5 stars because using your celebrity to mess with someone’s livelihood is pretty freaking messed up. Apparently Sia has mistaken the real world for the set of Mean Girls, and adulthood for high school. If you are well past your high school days, it is time to grow up.

For her part, Sia seems to have seen the error of her ways, so let this be a lesson to other potential celebrity Twitter vigilantes: There is absolutely no way of coming out of this situation smelling like roses.

(Via Gothamist)

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