SimCity’s 2.0 Patch Adds Tons Of Bugs

Those still sticking with EA’s DRM-riddled disaster of a launch for SimCity recently got a 2.0 patch that was supposed to fix everything. EA was kind of hoping that if they stopped talking the controversy would go away. Unfortunately the 2.0 patch will likely bring all that controversy back.

For one thing, if you install the patch, you’ve got your choice of bugs, including your SimCitizens suddenly pooping like there’s tomorrow. A few fun samples on the Reddit thread about the mess:

  • Sewage OVERLOAD. 4k population, and sewage outflow pipe is MAXED.
  • Pollution from the region being magnified. New town, 4k population, 55 people in the clinic.
  • Sewage problem with ferry terminal, sewage not been taken.
  • Clicking on a players profile will often bring up a different origin user’s profile
  • I have a city that crashes the next game day at 10:38am every time I start it.

It goes downhill a bit from there.

The really sad thing is that a lot of people were waiting for Maxis and EA to get it together and put out a fixed version of the game so they could finally start playing it. Instead, it’s apparently just been broken worse. To be fair, there have been some improvements, but it’s a little surprising, in light of just how much controversy this game faced and how ugly it got, that EA and Maxis rolled out a patch that has this many problems.