Simon Pegg Pranks Benedict Cumberbatch And The Rest Of The ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Cast (VIDEO)

Simon Pegg is good at pulling people’s legs, and the set of Star Trek Into Darkness wasn’t lacking in his good humor. There was that Hooters trip, for example, but there were also on-set pranks. Back in May, Pegg talked about convincing Benedict Cumberbatch and other actors on set that they had to wear “Neutron Cream” to shield them from radiation. Pegg tweeted this picture of the prank in progress:

Now a video — probably from the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray coming out next Tuesday — has surfaced of Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Karl Urban, and Benedict Cumberbatch falling for the prank on set. Simon Pegg even gave Cumberbatch this waver to inform him of the prank:

Cumberbatch signed it without reading it. (Let he who has read the full iTunes agreement cast the first stone.) Perhaps the best part comes at a minute and fifteen seconds into this video, when Benedict Cumberbatch is asked to read his signed Neutron Cream waiver out loud.

And here’s Simon Pegg talking about the prank on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last May.

(H/T: Laughing Squid)