Aaron Paul And Others Decide To Ask Apple’s Siri To Divide By Zero And Things Get Snarky

It seems that the new hot trend online (if you own an iPhone or Apple device) is asking Siri to divide by zero. It is a question that cannot feature an answer and has spawned countless memes confirming the destructive nature of such things. So why are people putting Siri through the ringer? Blame Aaron Paul:

Guy tweets something out and folks who normally wouldn’t catch on to some silly Internet discovery (like me) are now paying attention. In my defense, I use Android and I know better than to fool around with black magic. The guy in the video didn’t and you see how Siri handles it.

If you really want to get on Siri’s robotic, GLaDOS-level bad side, go ahead and ask the silly question. I’ll be over here, enjoying life with my friends.

(Via Time / Aaron Paul / GilroysWorld)