'Skyrim' With 100 Graphics Mods Running Simultaneously Is A Glimpse Into The Future Of Gaming

11.20.12 7 years ago 10 Comments

(Click pictures for full size.)

A gamer from Spain going by the nickname Unreal posted an amazing set of Skyrim screenshots and video, using varying combinations of around 100 mods to create absurdly detailed graphics. Admittedly, some of the mods slowed down the game too much to play it, but these screenshots give us a look into the types of graphics we can expect in the near future as processing power increases.

If you want to achieve similar results, Unreal’s FAQ points landscape lovers to the Skyrim Total Enhancement Project and lists a sampling of the “more than 300 mods” tested. That beautifully lush grass is “a WIP mod so there’s no download link,” but others work in its place. Keep in mind that when that grass fills the screen Unreal reports framerates as low as 5 fps, so super-modded Skyrim isn’t always playable. [PC Gamer]

While the grass slows down Unreal’s system to 5 frames per second, other combinations of mods still yielded great graphics and 40-60 fps on an overclocked Core i5-2500k and GeForce GTX 670. It still doesn’t run Crysis.

Check out some example pictures (and a video) below, courtesy of A State Of Trance.

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