Watching Fruit Getting Sliced Mid-Air And In Slow Motion Is Oddly Satisfying

For as long as there has been an internet and the resources to post videos online, there have been videos of dudes with swords (usually ninja swords) slicing through things. The entertainment value of said videos is usually not just seeing stuff being sliced, but watching the reactions and movements of the person wielding the katana. They just usually look so damned serious. We’ve also seen robots doing the slicing, bringing everything full circle and what we’ll call “full internet.”

Somehow, this phenomenon carried over into the world of smartphones and while yes, Angry Birds was the star of the show for a long time, if you had a smartphone a few years ago you probably had or at least knew about Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja took western society’s obsession with katanas and slicing through things and took it to the next level, allowing the user’s finger to do the slicing.

This video is perhaps the logical path that such trends take, as this video is a dude and a chick slicing through fruit being chucked at them in slow motion. In fact, it ties together the old internet and the new. The old is that rather portly gentleman with the samurai sword making serious faces while flopping around wildly, while the new is the attractive girl being nerdy, cute and kick ass all at the same time.