Smoke Me A Kipper, Red Dwarf Will Be Back For Breakfast

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04.12.11 7 Comments

Back when I was but a wee Sith Lord in training growing up in rural Iowa, we’d get four TV stations and throw clods of dirt at each other when there was nothing good on.  One of our channels was Iowa Public Television, which would play loads of non-educational British TV shows because they were cheap and British accents make everything seem worthwhile and informative (case in point: next time you’re shouting about your sexual fantasies on the bus, try it in a British accent.  Now it’s classy).  So to draw this long and winding paragraph to a close (assume I typed it all in a British accent), I watched a metric f*ckton of Red Dwarf as a kid, and the 10th series has been officially confirmed:

What we do know is that production is to begin this November and that, crucially, Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten — or Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn, as they’re known to their friends and family — will be all present and correct. [Doug] Naylor is believed to be writing the scripts. […] Like the four-episode Back to Earth special series in 2009, the 10th series will air on the freeview channel Dave, although no dates of when this is likely to be have been announced. The “Dave specials” were a massive success for the relatively new channel, drawing in record ratings — although the episodes themselves were met with mixed responses from the audience. [Wired]

I probably should have ended that block quote sooner, but I was busy skysurfing on this crocodile.

[This clip brought to you by Red Dwarf Series 7 and Viewers Like You.]

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