This Guy Smoothly Shoplifting While Riding A Hoverboard Will Have You Hypnotized

London Police released this CCTV footage Thursday of a dude cruising into a shop in Mitcham on a hoverboard, grabbing a case of Lucozade (a brand of British energy drink), and then cruising back out like it’s the most perfectly normal thing in the entire goddamned world. Even when a couple of security officers approach the guy, he backs away from them as if to say “lol” before resuming his smooth exit from the store. It’s kind of like the “Homer backing away slowly” GIF of hoverboard robberies.

Odds of them catching the guy are pretty good, because you can clearly see his face as he enters the store, but I hope the London Metropolitan goes easy on him. Yes, he may be a criminal, but isn’t he also kind of a hero? It’s no wonder those things have been banned.

(Via Vice)