This Video Of A Guy Filming A Snake On His Property Has Got A ‘Shyamalan Twist’ You’ll Never See Coming

You’ll have to excuse the unfortunate use of vertical filming in this video, which was recently posted to vidme with the title “I’ve got a snake problem,” as the gentleman filming the video was most certainly intending it for his own purposes — possibly to identify said snake in question. “Oh … Oh no,” he remarks, as he approaches the snake between a pile of boards and a stone walkway, on what is ostensibly his property.

Now I’m no snake expert, but doing a cursory Google search for “black snake North America” brings up a short list that includes the venomous cottonmouth, a non-venomous constrictor, and a super venomous Northern Pacific rattlesnake. Given that the snake in the video does does appear to be a constrictor species from the little I know about snakes (thanks Zoobooks!), I’d wager that this man’s snake problem is only about to get worse.

And get worse it does! After briefly cutting out (“oh shit!”), the action picks back up again as the snake slithers along the wall of my man’s house. You know something is about to go down, and if you’re anything like me you braced yourself for what seems like the inevitable jump out moment. Without spoiling the Shyamalan twist ending however, this is indeed a very, very bad snake problem. “Ohhhh, that’s bad.” Yes, it is.