Snapchat’s New Feature Is Concerning For People Who Want To Keep Their Lives Separate From Social Media

Entertainment Editor

On one hand, Snapchat’s new opt-in feature, Snap Map, seems like a great idea. Basically, a user shares their location with friends on a map within Snapchat which can allow them to see what you’re up to. An easy click on a buddy in the map will show their snaps and if they’re nearby, you can drop in on them. Impromptu fun times abound! But, what users may not know is that your location can be broadcast to everyone on your friend’s list just by opening the app.

As The Verge astutely pointed out, users may not even know they’ve enabled Snap Map. Opting in is three quick button pushes (that seem like a simple geotagging request). Give the OK, and you’re placed alongside your friends in a map that can be zoomed in on and referenced through something like Google Earth. Thankfully, The Verge is reporting that only mutual friends can see each other’s locations on the map, but that doesn’t soothe the stress that could be induced by an unexpected, Kramer-esque drop in.

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