"Snow Crash" Supposedly Getting A Film Adaptation

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06.15.12 7 Comments

Back when Neal Stephenson wrote books instead of lengthy dissertations that you had to hack the novel out of with a machete (that is, the early ’90s), he wrote a book called “Snow Crash”. And people have been trying to adapt it to various media ever since, with zero success.

The claims that it’s impossible to adapt the book are patently not true: it’d just take a lot of money. And now, thankfully, Hollywood has gotten desperate enough to A) consider adapting books that audiences might remotely recognize and B) actually throw some money at them.

Hence, the word is that Joe Cornish of “Attack the Block” is writing and directing a “Snow Crash” adaptation.

True, this is Hollywood; we’ll believe the movie’s coming when Cornish announces he’s locked in a cut. “Neuromancer” is supposedly in the works too, and that book’s been trapped in development hell since it hit print. But if it’s true, it might be glorious.

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