So, How Much Is Double Fine Getting From Kickstarter?

On the heels of a hilarious AMA, Double Fine is about to wrap up its Kickstarter campaign. Asking for $400,000, with 36 hours to go, it’s currently at $2.8 million.

For a little context, as Tim Schafer points out, that’s “Grim Fandango”‘s entire budget. Of course, that was fourteen years ago, in a deliberate plot on the part of LucasArts to make us feel old, especially since part of this plot is to not have the damn game available for legitimate sale anywhere. Seriously, guys, it’s called Steam. You put some games onto it, and people were very happy to buy them.

Anyway, Double Fine Adventure will be on Steam, and it’ll play on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. It’ll also be DRM free. We’ll also hazard a guess that this will be a huge hit, and the games industry will learn less than nothing from it.

[ via Kotaku ]

image via Double Fine