So, What’s PSN Got For a Loot Drop?

As we all know, the inconvenience of the PlayStation Network being offline ended as of last weekend. Now it’s all over but the crying over how your name and game purchase history is in the hands of hackers (there’s no evidence whoever did this got credit card numbers), so now let’s see what Sony’s giving us by way of an apology.

First the boring stuff: a free year of credit monitoring, which you should take them up on anyway because it isn’t cheap and it’s a good thing to have. Next, a free month of PlayStation Plus (yawn) or two months tacked onto your subscription. So, basically, you’re putting some games on sale, guys. Call it what it is.

Slightly less boring: free movie rentals, titles and weekend to be announced. This doesn’t rank as worthwhile solely because they’ll probably be Sony movies, and it’ll be a mix of new releases nobody cares about and catalogue releases everybody’s seen a dozen times, and it’s also over one weekend. At least make it a week, guys.

Prediction: the following movies will be part of the rental package: “Green Hornet”, “Social Network”, “Zombieland”, and “Ghostbusters”.

Now to the stuff we actually care about: the inevitable free games. PS3 owners…pick any two:

Dead Nation



Super Stardust HD

Wipeout HD + Fury

PSP owners…pick any two:


ModNation Racers

Killzone Liberation

Pursuit Force

Personally, as a PS3 owner who was mildly inconvenienced: sure, I’ll take a free copy of “inFAMOUS” and maybe “Wipeout”. How about you, humble reader?

[ via the freejackers at ComingSoon ]