Someone Really Needs To Adopt The World’s Saddest-Looking Cat

08.30.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

While that no good sell-out Grumpy Cat continues to rake in the thousands (millions? BILLIONS?!?), there’s a kitten out there with an emotional face who’s looking for a home. Her name’s Tucker, and she’s being billed as the saddest-looking cat ever. It’s not an inaccurate description.

Tucker came to Purrfect Pals when her owners could no longer keep her. She is a very unique looking cat due to some genetic abnormalities but is very cute and lovable! Because some of her joints are not constructed normally, we have to be careful to provide steps and other accommodations so she won’t hurt herself. Tucker also has an auto-immune disease that makes her skin very thin and easy to bruise. She also has hair loss because of scabs that she pulls off. We have to keep her dressed in t-shirts to prevent her from doing too much damage to her skin. Tucker enjoys sitting on laps and playing with string toys! She also loves to be pet under the chin and behind the ears and is great with children! (Via)

That all sounds pretty depressing, but:

That’s a fine looking shirt. For adoption info, click here.

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