Sony Gets Creative At Gamescom 2012 — Check Out Trailers For 'Tearaway', 'Rain', 'Until Dawn' and 'Puppeteer'

Sony is not in a great place right now — the company is losing money, the Vita has been a flop and the once unassailable Playstation brand may be in trouble, but these issues don’t seem to have negatively impacted the company’s creativity. Sony unveiled a number of new games today at Gamescom (essentially the European E3) and most of them are actually really interesting looking. The kind of creative stuff gamers used to rely on Nintendo for before they became all about the yearly New Super Mario Bros. instalments. I don’t know if these games are going to reverse Sony’s fortunes, but if they’re going out, it looks they’re going out on a creative high.

Hit the jump for trailers for Tearaway, Rain, Until Dawn, and Puppeteer

D’awwww! So f–cking adorable! Screw you Paper Mario: Sticker Star, this is the new best-looking upcoming paper-themed game. Just one question — will there be a boss that you beat by sticking your finger up his butt? I’m uh, just asking.

Well. Pretentious video games journalists now have a new game to list in “Are Games Art?” editorials. Which isn’t to say this game doesn’t look rad — it totally does.

Yeah, this is a Move game, but dammit, it still looks pretty solid. Basically I’m behind any horror game that actually tries to be atmospheric/scary in 2012.

Not sure how unique this one will be from a gameplay perspective, but it’s certainly got a cool whimsical art style.

There was also some other stuff announced at the show — a new Vita Killzone for instance, but I only feel like writing about the creative colorful stuff today. How about you folks, are you intrigued by Sony’s creative line-up, or are you put off by the lack of cover-based shooting?

videos via Playstation Channel