Sony Is Being Sued Over ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ And Its Graphics

Remember Killzone: Shadow Fall? It was a PS4 launch title and it was… OK, I guess. It was a pretty solid shooter, had a nice level design and mechanics, but was pretty unmemorable beyond that. Unless you count every pixel, in which case its lack of 1080p resolution is an outrage and the source of a class-action lawsuit. Really.

According to Ars Technica, Douglas Ladore has joined forces with Edelson PC and is suing Sony because, while the box of Killzone: Shadow Fall claims it delivers 1080p graphics, the actual game outputs at 960×1080, and uses various graphical tricks. Ladore claims this is blurry, and that as a result, the class of Killzone: Shadow Fall buyers were harmed by Sony’s shameless and immoral graphical trickery.

If the name Edelson PC sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve got a little cottage industry in ridiculous gamer lawsuits going: They’re also handling the Aliens: Colonial Marines class-action suit, which alleges the game was falsely marketing with thrilling demos. If you are wondering what kind of person sues over an E3 demo not properly representing the actual game, please note that the man who filed the lawsuit is currently in jail on assault and weapons possession charges.

Let’s just get this out of the way: If your reaction to a game being not quite 1080p is to file a lawsuit as if a grave injustice has been done not just to you, but to everyone who bought the product, you need to evaluate your life choices to this point. It makes sense to be annoyed when something isn’t up to snuff, even angry that you spent $60 on a crappy game, but whenever the community loses its collective feces because BAAAAAW WE DIDN’T LIKE THE ENDING OF A VIDEO GAME or something else that is, in the long-term, fundamentally trivial to how you live your life, it makes the rest of us look like a bunch of a**holes.

Seriously, if this is the greatest injustice you have ever experienced and you must resort to legal action, you are one of the luckiest human beings in the history of the entire species. If we want a legal solution to this problem, let’s pass a law where any gamer who wants to sue over a game sucking first has to explain that to everybody at a soup kitchen. That should solve the problem.