Sony's Financial Incompetence May Save Us From 'Ghostbusters 3' Yet

Bill Murray has been desperately holding back the threat of a third Ghostbusters movie seemingly forever. This either makes him a man of great taste and a lone voice sanity in the face of Aykroyd-ian lunacy or just kind of a dick depending on how into his late-career “sad guy who shows up in Wes Anderson movies and at random people’s parties” shtick you are.

Well, seems Murray’s Proton Pack finally ran out of juice. Ghostbusters 3 could no longer be contained! As recently as a couple weeks ago the plan was to film the new Ghostbusters next summer without Bill Murray.

But wait! Nobody has to resort to crossing the streams just yet — Ghostbusters 3 has been stopped in its tracks at the last moment yet again! This time our savoir is Sony’s complete financial meltdown. Basically Sony, and by extension Columbia Pictures which owns Ghostbusters, is out of money. This means movie production is frozen and work on Ghostbusters 3 wouldn’t start until next fall (at the earliest). Hopefully this gives Aykroyd and company some time to reflect and realize around 95% of the funny lines in the first two Ghostbusters were just random s–t Bill Murray made up on the spot and that any Ghostbusters movie without him would, well, have no dick.

via Bleeding Cool