Spawn Might Bring More ’90s Nostalgia To ‘Mortal Kombat X’

Every now and then, we’re reminded that Spawn is still a thing that exists and is regularly published by Image. Despite the fact that Todd McFarlane is too busy making toys these days to do much with the comic book, it’s still in print, and he still owns the rights to the character. He may even be using that ’90s cred to get Spawn into Mortal Kombat X.

During an interview at Toy Fair, McFarlane revealed that NetherRealm Studios has licensed Spawn for a short period of time, apparently because they’re considering putting him into Mortal Kombat X:

…it’s up to their discretion. I gave them a window of time, so I’ll just leave it to them to do what it is that they want… They just might squat. They might squat on him.

We’ll give you a minute to get that image out of your head. Good? Okay.

Anyway, it seems up in the air as to whether NetherRealm will actually do this, but they’re definitely considering it. If it comes together, we hope they make a point of bringing back the ultimate ’90s jam, as well: