A Woman Heard A Scratching Noise In Her Ear And It Turned Out To Be A Spider Building A Web

Photoshop artist's depiction.
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Photoshop artist's depiction.

This story has all the great makings of a nightmare, from ear sensitivity to fear of spiders. If you weren’t thoroughly skeeved out by the story of a man in China who had 20 cockroaches lodged into his ear canal, allow me to introduce you to the story of a woman in China who had a spider building a web in her ear. What is up with the love affair bugs in China seem to have with people’s ears?

At any rate, the woman named Li Meng had been putting off going to see a doctor because of a scratching sound she was experiencing in her ear, because she jumped to the very rational and logic conclusion that it might definitely be evil spirits. However, after going to a temple to try to pray the noise away, Meng finally relented and went to an ear nose and throat specialist, who found that a spider had been weaving a web in her ear canal.

When the spider was discovered, it was reportedly resting on her eardrum, and “each attempt doctors made to remove the spider caused it to react violently.” And now I do not ever want to know what a spider “reacting violently” in my ear feels like. Doctors were eventually able to medically subdue the spider and remove it from Meng’s ear with a pair of tweezers. Sweet dreams tonight, everybody.

(Via Fox News)

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