Spidey Musical Finally Has a Writer Who Cares About Spider-Man?

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We’ve been beating “Spider-Man: Julie Taymor is Allegedly Insane” with a pipe wrench ever since it was revealed to be blitheringly idiotic.

And with reason, because well before we got a look at the stupid costumes, and before they started breaking the bones of everybody in the cast, we saw the script, and it was truly, madly, deeply…idiotic. Forget being written by somebody who actually cared about Spider-Man, we’d take a script just written by somebody who loved comic books. Taymor and Glen Berger’s script included a “geek chorus”, a new villain named Swiss Miss that looked like Absorbing Man after sex change surgery, and a plot that was a lot like that old episode of “Batman: the Animated Series” about kids describing different Batman stories, except it sucked. Which would suck but be fine since, let’s face it, most people only know Spidey from the movies, but the critics have been giving it an even harder beating than us nerds.

Into this mess comes Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. He recently rewrote the book to the Superman musical (yes, it exists…no, you don’t want to know), and is a regular writer on “Big Love”. Oh, and he’s also actually written “Spider-Man” comic books.

Just how much he’s going to rewrite is unclear, but we’re assuming that since they got a guy with a musical and comics background, that it’s going to be extensive. It’ll probably still suck, but at least it’ll suck less.

[ via the webslingers at ComicsAlliance ]

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