Spies And Mercs To Continue Their Feud In 'Splinter Cell: Backlist'

I’ve never been a huge Splinter Cell fan (mainly because I’m fairly abysmal at stealth games) but I have always enjoyed the series’ Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode. Sure, I lost nearly every match I’ve ever played, but dammit I had fun doing it.

Spies vs. Mercs was conspicuously absent from the last Splinter Cell game, but thankfully Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been able to coax the mode out from whatever shadowy place it was hiding. Hit the jump for a trailer showcasing Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s take on Spies vs. Mercs…

You know, someone really has to tell the spies about this new “Internet” thing so they can stop sneaking into shadowy, well-guarded complexes to do their hacking. So much blood will be spared.

via Ubergizmo