‘Spin The Bottle’ Is A Cartoon Penis And Awkward Touching Filled Wii U System Seller

Spin the Bottle — you probably haven’t heard anything about this game in the ramp up to the Wii U’s launch, but it’s one you should be paying attention to, if only because it’s really goddamn weird. The game will likely be the first Wii U game to only use the GamePad screen. Basically you and up to eight friends sit around the GamePad and spin a virtual bottle and the two people selected have to engage in a Wiimote assisted challenge that will require some combination of  “tight coordination, daring trust, body contact or extreme flexibility.” Hmmm!

Oh, and all the Spin the Bottle characters all look like twitchy, engorged cartoon penises and the developer of the game has previously worked on stuff like Dark Room Sex Game, which they describe as an “awkward no-graphics erotic rhythm game”. Hmmm again! Come on, you can’t resist hitting the jump for a trailer now…

Yup, this game will give you an opportunity to touch girls.

Or guys. Ya know, whatever you’re into.

Which cartoon wiener is your favorite? I’m pretty into the green one that’s half poop, half penis. Whoever’s said the Wii U isn’t going to deliver revolutionary experiences need to take it back right now.

via Indie Games