For The Spoiled Child Who Has Everything, It’s The $27,000 Aston Martin DB Junior

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Aston Martin

Kids these days don’t have a clue how easy they have it. It used to be that a child would save up the money from his allowance and various errands and chores to afford his first bike so he could ride to school with all of his chums. But now, thanks to an Aston Martin dealer in London, bicycles, Big Wheels, Pogo Balls and other such whimsical modes of adolescent transportation are about to become obsolete, as long as the kids in question have newspaper routes that pay them upwards of $8,000 a week.

Nicholas Mee & Company LTD is currently selling an incredibly luxurious Power Wheels knockoff, and there’s simply no better way for you to show the other kids at your child’s private school that he’s better than them and will be a total dick to them for years to come than buying him this DB Junior right now.

Hand-built and lovingly crafted, these beautifully made petrol-powered cars are suitable for children aged 10 years or over and adults. Styled in homage of the iconic Aston Martin Convertibles of the 1960s, these wonderful cars are built using a steel box section chassis and composite GRP body.

Powered by a front-mounted 110cc 4-stroke air-cooled petrol engine with rear wheel drive and a 3-speed semi-automatic gearbox, the top speed is 46mph (which can be limited). These DBs also feature Brembo disc brakes, coil-over suspension, electric start, lights, horn, indicators and a fully adjustable pedal box to suit any size of driver, young or old!

Choose your exterior colour from 1000s of options, and your interior trim in either leather or vinyl in the colour of your choice. A wooden steering wheel completes the perfect specification.

The vehicle comes in a variety of colors and is available immediately, pending the ridiculous shipping charges that I’m sure you’ll have no problem paying if you’re willing to shell out $27,000 for something Chatsworth Fartwrinkle III will be tired of next month. But one thing is for certain – there’s never been a more appropriate name for a child’s vehicle than DB Junior.

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