A GIF Guide To Picking Your Favorite ‘Spring Breaker’

If you’re a leader, you’re John. If you’re quiet, you’re George. If you’re goofy, you’re Ringo. And so on. We tend to pick one musician, actor, whomever in a group and live vicariously through them, based on similar attributes. The same thing’s not quite of Spring Breakers; your favorite is basically the one you think is the hottest.

But let’s think these things through, too. Last week, Maske brought you a Spring Breakers GIF primer, but as revelatory as it was, it didn’t answer one important question: which Spring Breaker is YOUR Spring Breaker? After the jump, we have a GIF breakdown of each of the film’s four lady stars — Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine — based on what your proclaiming, “SHE’S THE BEST BREAKER” would say about you. But really, they’re all the best. But really really, I have a clear favorite. Find out yours.

You’re Team Vanessa Hudgens if…

…boobs in Vanessa’s face is something that sounds appealing (via)

…bangs (via)

…well, this one probably speaks for itself (via)

…you enjoy the occasional spontaneous song (via)

…your favorite Monopoly piece isn’t the thimble (via)

…and you can forget this ever happened (via)

You’re Team Selena Gomez if…

…you hate Justin Bieber as much as she does (via)

…you played/still play a lot of Mario Kart (via)

…food (via)

…you think of Selena as Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez, not Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (via)

…you practice good hygiene (via)


You’re Team Ashley Benson if…

…you drown her misery in music (via)

…you’re easily surprised (via)

…fun > studying (via)

…you own at least one ironic shirt (via)

…you’re attached to technology to an unhealthy degree (via)

…OK, no one ever chooses Ashley Benson (via).

You’re Team Rachel Korine if…

…NOPE. She’s married to the guy behind this (via).

(Also, there aren’t any Rachel Korine GIFs out there.)