‘Stage Fright’ Pits A Slasher Against Theater Geeks

Among the many shameful things I’ve done in my life, I somehow obtained a theater degree. As a result, I’ve worked with theater camps and theater kids. Being trapped in a room with teenagers desperate for attention is a special hell, so you can imagine why Stage Fright, a splatter flick set at a theater camp, has a particular appeal. And it also looks like a particularly good splatter flick!

Here’s the first red-band trailer, complete with Minnie Driver getting felt up. A nice touch is that we actually see some of the kills, and they look pretty intense:

I’ve got to say, the creative team here has definitely been to a few theater camps and has definitely had to supervise those annoying little monsters. It also appears to have a bunch of musical numbers, amid the highly theatrical and violent kills, which immediately puts this in the running for greatest movie ever, especially if somebody violently dies at the end of a particularly cheesy one.

Normally, a slasher movie that seems somewhat campy makes people cringe, but in this case, it’s pretty much expected. One of the problems of theater camps is that you almost immediately start drowning in cheese, so it’s pretty much unavoidable. Besides, somebody gets a rotary saw to the stomach. Stage Fright will be going all Grand Guignol on us April 3rd, with a theatrical run May 9th.