Stanley From ‘The Office’ Has His Own Cryptocurrency, And What On Earth Is He Saying In This Video?

Cryptocurrency and the non-fungible artwork purchased with it has been the talk of the Internet in 2021. Though crypto had been around for years, its rising and falling slipped into the mainstream conversation thanks to Elon Musk and others going viral and bringing new evangelicals into the fold.

There have been a lot of tie-ins with crypto and other entities as the space continues to grow, starting with the explosion of NFTs. But now we’re also seeing specific coins minted with pop culture references in mind. So perhaps it’s not surprising that The Office is now among those shows.

Leslie David Baker teamed up with Rocket Bunny to make Stanley’s Nickels, a reference to his character on The Office. If you’d like to hear Baker describe the coin and try to figure it out for yourself, you can hear him read a script explaining the coin, how it works, and some potential benefits from owning nickels for yourself.

The announcement seemed to slip under the radar, which is reasonable because there’s simply a lot of noise in the crypto space and plenty of new coins simply go nowhere until they are all at once a big deal. And even then, some just crash and burn right as they become popular. But at the very least, this one is certainly going to a good cause. If you can manage to parse all the complexities of the digital version of Stanley’s Nickels, that is.

In a Medium post announcing the coin, Baker explained that the coin’s proceeds will go to The Actor’s Fund, which has been crucial to helping out of work entertainers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’ve ever watched The Office, you already know who Stanley Hudson is. Well, Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson) and Sardar Khan (Stanley’s nephew, Lucky, in the upcoming show Uncle Stan) have decided to release a real live version of the “Stanley Nickel”! That’s right, the official Stanley Nickel is coming to the blockchain. To make matters even more exciting, it will initially be available exclusively on our Rocket Drop staking platform.

In other words, the coin is more charitable with some fun benefits than a get rich quick scheme. But The Office tie-in is clear here.