Star Wars Space Battle Game…On A Wall-Sized Touchscreen?

07.18.11 8 years ago

Meet Arthur Nishimoto, a man who is about to make a lot of money. He’s a graduate student at the University of Illinois, working at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. He just made an elaborate unofficial Star Wars video game and got credit for it.
To be fair, Nishimoto isn’t pulling a fast one on UI; instead the game is designed to illustrate how a strategy game, which usually involves a lot of keystrokes and mouse clicks, can be transferred from a keyboard and mouse environment to a touchscreen one. That he got to make a Star Wars game called “Fleet Commander” and spend lots of time destroying ships with his friends by commanding little flying X-Wings is just a bonus.
Check out the game on a wall-sized screen on the next slide. Also, we’ll join the chorus: LucasArts, give Arthur whatever he wants, but buy this game and push it out to anything that can handle a touchscreen. I’m already figuring out where to put my wall-sized touchscreen for this.

[ via the Imperial strategists at SlashFilm ]

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