Stealth Is For Losers: Check Out These Crazy ‘Dishonored’ Killing Sprees

Dishonored — it’s all about choices. Do you go for the stealthy solution or go on insane murder sprees full of 25-man kill combos? Well, the rugged, manly (or womanly, I’m not sure) gamers in the following clips went for the latter option. Went for it with a vengeance.

Hit the jump for some of the best, most brutal kill combos captured in Dishonored so far…

Here’s the aforementioned 25-kill combo.

This one doesn’t feature quite as many deaths, but it’s still pleasingly brutal.

Not bad, but just wait for my Dishonored videos where I take running and hiding from enemies to new heights. What? I…I just don’t like conflict.

via Kotaku