Stephen Colbert Has A Glorious New Beard. All Hail The ‘Colbeard!’

Stephen Colbert has a majestic new beard
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Based on his beloved Comedy Central character of the last nine years, Stephen Colbert wouldn’t want anyone to know that he was anything except 100 percent American. However, with The Colbert Report so sadly behind us, it’s time to focus on the real Stephen Colbert ahead of his September appointment to take over The Late Show, and that began last night with his very well-deserved recognition at the 10th annual Oscar Wilde Awards in Santa Monica.

Hosted by J.J. Abrams at his Bad Robot headquarters, the event pays tribute to Irish influences in show business, and Colbert was quite eloquent in describing his own Irish heritage…

“My great-great-grandfather sailed from Limerick with but two goals: 1) get a job digging the Erie Canal and 2) party in L.A. I am proud to fulfill his dream.”

Regardless of the event, it’s simply great to see Colbert out and about, sharing that one-of-a-kind wit and charm, especially now that he’s sporting one hell of a beard. Is there a purpose to this new crop of glorious facial hair? Not really. Now that he has a little free time to enjoy, Colbert told the Daily Beast, he just wanted to try something new.

“I have not allowed this to happen to my face since college because I’ve been working professionally pretty constantly since then,” he explained to The Daily Beast. “I have like nine months where nobody has to see me so I said, ‘I wonder what I look like?’”

The Colbeard was an instant hit on the red carpet. “In a pre-industrial stainless steel razor’s edge society, this is what I would have looked like all the time,” he said.

It’s almost Clooney-esque, I offer.

“You know what? I was too humble to drop the C-word, but I’m gonna say Clooney-esque right now—and I’m only echoing you,” he smiled. (Via the Daily Beast)

It’s sort of depressing to think that we won’t really see Colbert for nine months, but when you think about it, it’s kind of like he’s preparing to give birth to a whole new era of Colbert comedy on television. Yes, that’s a terrible joke, but I’m just trying to drive home how desperately we need Colbert back on television. It’s just not the same without someone qualified taking Bill O’Reilly to the woodshed at a time when he might deserve it more than ever.