Stephen Colbert Jokes That ‘In Touch’ Should Lead The Russia Probe After Their Stormy Daniels Exclusive

The latest scandal to rock the Trump presidency are allegations that adult film star Stormy Daniels was paid off just one month before the 2016 election to keep quiet about a hotel tryst with Trump in 2006 — after he was married to Melania. For her part Daniels is refusing to comment, probably because of the $130,000 she allegedly received in exchange for signing the non-disclosure agreement. Unfortunately for Trump however, Daniels’ friend Alana Evans — who she reportedly confided to at the time — received no such money and is gleefully spilling the beans to anyone who will listen.

Likewise, In Touch Weekly conducted an interview with Daniels in 2011, five years before she signed the NDA, and has been releasing some salacious details about the so-called “textbook generic” sexual encounter — with the full 5,500 word transcript apparently coming later this week. On Wednesday night Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but take shots at the president’s downfall coming from a tabloid rag. Noting that the magazine verified Daniels account with two sources and even made her take a polygraph test, Colbert joked, “Wow, maybe In Touch magazine should lead the Russia investigation!”

On Daniels claims that Trump had let his guard down and that it was almost like she could move him like a puppet, Colbert later cracked, “Well Stormy, now you know how Putin feels.”

It’s unclear why the magazine has been holding onto the interview until now, but it’s worth pointing out that Trump has stayed suspiciously silent on the claims. When announcing his “fake news” media awards on Wednesday evening, In Touch did not make the list.