Stephen King Revealed That His Favorite T-Shirt Takes A Bit Of A Raunchy Spin

Stephen King continues to make Twitter worth browsing despite, well, the current situation over there. The microwave salmon and English muffin addict is known to swing far and wide with his subjects of discussion. I still want to know more about why he’s so drawn to Manifest (does he love the soap-operatics of the story, or is he entertained by herrings so red that they’s positively bleeding?). For now, the regular dad jokes and literary references will do.

In this installment of mundane-yet-still-entertaining tweet subjects, King took a diversion into favorite t-shirt land. Here’s the Cell author’s prime example from his own dresser: “If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em.”

Those are wise words. I’d add that the books should bear a slightly worn quality, which suggests that they’re not mere impulse purchases that turned into strategic slices of decor. A well-stocked Kindle should qualify, in my opinion, although that’s obviously nothing that one can or should dig into unless invited. There should also be an addendum on the back of a t-shirt to showcase how Elaine from Seinfeld feels about bathroom books. That might kill the vibe for some people, but it could also help. Heck, I say that it’s a good weeding-out process for the future.