Stephen King Cemented His Status As King Of The Dad Jokes Before Pointing Toward An Even Worse Joke Maker On Twitter

Horror King Stephen King is also king of the dad jokes in addition to being an English muffin addict (so many layers.) This new addition to his collection of titles begins with a mention of how he’s not been thrilled about Elon Musk’s Twitter-boss behavior. The man who knows how to write a villain brought us a literary reference when the deal became concrete, and King hasn’t let up since with his disapproval, especially after Musk actually attempted to haggle over the price of now-easily-attained verified status.

Even though King remains a Tesla fan, he’s not letting Musk’s unleashing of right-wing chaos on Twitter stand. King started this newest round of swings with a so-bad-it-might-be-good dad joke.

“I had to take my biscuits to the doctor,” King tweeted to begin. “They felt crummy.”

He swiftly admitted, “Sorry. That one was pretty bad.”

Who’s got worse jokes, though? “Speaking of bad jokes, Elon Musk says Trump can get back on Twitter.”

King is certainly not alone in his perspective. Patton Oswalt recently expressed a similar viewpoint about how Musk tries far too hard to be funny. He even continued to tell his not-great jokes while laying off around half of Twitter’s staff, which led to a Space Karen projection that was undeniably funny. Everyone’s got jokes!