The Internet Lost Its Collective Mind After Steve Harvey’s Massive Miss Universe Screw Up

On Sunday evening, poor Steve Harvey scored the biggest mistake in Miss Universe history. This event brought a mundane event to a rip-roaring crescendo. To recap, Harvey flubbed the most important moment by announcing that Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo) won the pageant. Arevalo received the crown and began her congratulatory waves when Harvey froze and endured the longest seconds of his career. In front of the entire world, he slowly admitted that he crowned the first runner up; and Miss Philippines (Pia Wurtzbach) was the the true winner of the competition.

The awkwardness of the situation knew no bounds. Arevalo and Wurtzbach both went into shock before a quick de-crowning ceremony took place. Meanwhile, Miss USA (Olivia Jordan) stood by in relief. Being second runner up never felt so good! By that point, Harvey had already scurried offstage. He then tweeted and deleted, which somehow made the situation worse. The guy apologized to Columbia University and the New Testament instead of the two ladies who went through various stages of hell onstage.

From the depths of the television audience, Donald Trump managed to hold his own tongue after losing his association with the pageant, but he did retweet an “off the rails” remark.

The Internet then descended into hilarity with the most ridiculous video ever, which parodied Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” to scary perfection.

Meanwhile, Harvey’s popularity in Colombia took a massive hit. This got ugly.

Twitter hit a home run with many jokes, including Family Feud references.

The football fans out there drew apt sports parallels to the situation.

Kanye West made a few memed appearances, just like you knew he would.

Then one meme collided with another, and the Internet was alive.

Countless amazing responses hit in rapid succession. Here are the best ones:

Let’s just say that no one — not Harvey, these ladies, or the Internet — will forget this evening. The Miss Universe pageant will never be the same.

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