Steve-O Duct-Taped Himself To A Wall And Had Fireworks Shot At Him To Protest A Photoshopped Image

In the above video posted to his YouTube channel, Steve-O admits to a wrongdoing. For some kind of magazine or publicity photo (it’s not clear exactly what the image was used for) the Jackass star appeared to have been duct-taped to a wall. That was not the case, however, as he admits that the image was Photoshopped.

So, to amend this, Steve-O naturally has a few dudes actually duct-tape him to a wall, which looks about as comfortable as you’d imagine. As to why they then shoot him with fireworks as he remains helplessly taped to the wall? I think we all know that’s just a standard component of any good “duct-taping a guy to a wall” video.

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