The Wildest Tweets From The Stormy Daniels ’60 Minutes’ Interview

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Porn star Stormy Daniels‘ much anticipated 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper about her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump aired on Sunday with multiple revelations. This included her claim that she stayed quiet out of fear for her safety, which was a sobering subject, but of course, there were saucy bits and pieces along the way that must have made it tough for the president not to live-tweet the episode.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of the interview was how Daniels readily admitted that she was never physically attracted to Trump when she had sex with him at age 27 (while he was 60). Still, she insisted that all of their encounters (and she says there were multiple meetings with no-condom intercourse on the menu) were consensual, and it was practically a “business deal” for her. Trump couldn’t have enjoyed that part of the interview, right?

During several moments, Cooper struggled not to break from his “very serious journalist” expression. This was especially the case when Stormy talked about playfully spanking Trump’s bottom with a copy of Forbes magazine.

People totally noticed that Cooper struggled not to laugh.

Not only did Stormy say that she and Trump didn’t use a condom, but everyone’s antennae flew up when the Ivanka comparisons came up.

And of course, Stormy Daniels once again proved that the Trump circus is wilder than any other political circus in modern history.

By the way, was anyone watching Fox News during this interview?