The Internet Sets Out To Fix This Mess With The Hilarious ‘Straightforward From Here’ Meme

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02.15.17 8 Comments

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Sooo… 2017, huh? As John Oliver observed earlier this week, “America is on fire” and no one is exactly sure what to do about it. Following National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation due to Russia connections on Monday, the New York Times published a scathing report claiming that not just Flynn, but several members of Donald Trump’s inner circle had repeated contact with senior Russian intelligence officials.

In response to these very serious impeachable, and even imprisonable accusations of treason, Trump characteristically responded with a Twitter meltdown, lashing out at everyone from Hillary Clinton to Obama and of course the “failing” media. So where do we go from here? Do we have enough evidence to take down Trump and his administration? And if so, will the GOP even cooperate in the proceedings?

On Wednesday morning, writer, CNN political commentator, and self-proclaimed “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian” Sally Kohn offered up a simple, “straightforward” plan of action.

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