This High-Class Stripper Is Facing Jail Time After Allegedly Scamming A Client Out Of $130,000

A 26-year-old former stripper from Manhattan’s swanky Scores gentlemen’s club, who is facing jail time for fraud and conspiracy charges, is speaking out about the series of events that landed her in hot water. Karina Pascucci was part of a ring of strip club employees who were busted last year for allegedly drugging clients then taking them to clubs and racking up high credit card tabs for pricey champagne and tips.

But despite the fact that she copped to a plea deal to the charges against her, Pascucci claims in an interview with Crime Watch airing Thursday that her clients knew full well what they were getting into, and that she is the real victim of dudes who don’t want to face the music after blowing their load (figuratively and probably also literally) in a strip club. Particularly, in the case of a New Jersey doctor who accuses Pascucci of taking him for $130,000.

“The girls knew him from before, and they knew he was a big spender,” she said about New Jersey doctor Zyad Younan, who is suing Pascucci and Scores. “I think everybody should take responsibility for what happened.”

The Scores girls took Younan “to get bottles [and] to get a private room . . . That’s how you make the most money [at] a gentleman’s club,” she said. Around $130,000 in American Express charges later, the doctor was not so happy.

If I had to guess, the murky truth of the matter most likely lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, the strippers probably took advantage of the dudes making it rain. But then again, these guys are not hanging out at a strip club to make friends, so a little personal accountability goes a long way.

Here’s a clip from Pascucci’s interview. Do you believe her?

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(Via Page Six)