‘Super Smash Bros.’ For 3DS And Wii U Has A Launch Window And Surprising New Characters

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Nintendo just dropped a new Smash Bros. focused Nintendo Direct packed with plenty of important information (and odd minutia as well). First off, if you have 40-minutes to spare, here’s the entire presentation — it’s mostly gameplay footage, so it’s worth a look.

If you don’t have the time, here are the bullet points

– The 3DS version is coming out this summer and the Wii U version hits this winter (which could mean early 2015). So yes, the 3DS version is coming out first.

– The 3DS version will have a mode called “Smash Run” in which you and your opponents search a small dungeon for power-ups before your battle.

– You can create your own custom movesets.

– There will be a scoring system called Global Smash Power. This will be based on your abilities online, in local mutliplayer and in single player. You’ll be given a number that tells you how many Smash Bros. players you’re better than worldwide.

– Fighters can no longer transform into alternate forms — Zero Suit Samus and Sheik are now full-fledged fighters of their own.

– The Pokemon Trainer from Brawl is also out. In his place, Charizard is now a full-fledged fighter. Also, in a super-obscure pick, Pokemon Greninja is now a fighter (yeah, I had to look him up too).

Here’s Zero Suit Samus’ sure to be controversial new look…

Here’s the debut video for Charizard and Greninja…

So, what do you think? Does this Super Smash Bros. look like it’s shaping up to be a, uh, smash?

via GoNintendo here & here

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