Supercut Of Every ‘TGS’ Sketch Is A Nice Reminder That ’30 Rock’s Worst Is Often Better Than ‘SNL’s Best

10.04.12 7 years ago 6 Comments

As you may have heard here and here and likely 12 more times today, 30 Rock returns tonight, and with it, 13 more opportunities for satirical TGS sketches that sound better than anything SNL or MADtv could come up with.

There are so many that I wish were real: “Diaper Chicken,” “Gaybraham Lincoln,” “Austin Powers on Crossfire,” “Fart Doctor,” “Broken Eyboard Alkshow,” “Homophobic Gays,” and whatever the name of the sketch with Dr. Steven Poop is. Some day, though, we’re going to look back at Jest’s supercut, which includes many TGS sketches mentioned on 30 Rock, and shake our heads when MTV Darfur becomes a real thing.

(Via Jest)

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