Taco Bell Is Testing A Waffle Taco For Its Breakfast Menu Because Taco Bell Is Awesome

In California’s ongoing quest to become the greatest state in America, if not the world, by releasing amazing new fast food items for test runs, it seems that Taco Bell has taken the Golden State one giant step in the right direction. Most recently, Carl’s Jr. contributed to the awesome food revolution with an ice cream sandwich that uses Pop Tarts, but now Taco Bell is expanding its new breakfast menu by using a waffle as a shell. These are truly the most glorious times to be alive.

Obviously, other fast food chains have already used waffles and pancakes as replacements for bread in such breakfast sandwiches, as McDonald’s McGriddle has been rocking our taste buds since 2003. And since then, as Food Beast points out, Dunkin’ Donuts and Jack in the Box have also introduced their own waffle sandwiches.

But a waffle taco? That’s the kind of thing that can make a grown man like me shed a single tear.

Now if only Taco Bell will answer my prayers of being able to purchase Volcano Taco sauce in stores, this world might be worth saving after all.