Taco Cat, The Entire Internet Summed Up With One Comic, and Links

ABOVE: Living palindrome Taco Cat joins the Scarlett Johanssoning trend. Dammit I’m mad, Taco Cat. Dammit I’m mad. [via DailyDawdle]

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Movie-Themed Food Trucks: Action Movie Edition |Film Drunk|

The Joseph Gordon-Levitt Career Timeline |UPROXX|

Covering The Faces: The Emotions Of The Greatest Night In Baseball History |With Leather|

Video: Paul Rudd & Anne Hathaway Audition for ‘Jersey Shore’ |Warming Glow|

Twitter Masses Angered That A Fake News Organization Tweeted About A Fake Hostage Crisis |UPROXX|

Meme Watch: Business Dog Is Ready To Blue Sky Some Frisbees |UPROXX|

New ‘Walking Dead’ Trailer: Zombie Church! |Warming Glow|

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UFC Champ on Steven Seagal: ‘I don’t know how he got my number.’ |Film Drunk|

10 Manliest Men in Entertainment |Buzzfeed|

No One Sinks Rihanna’s Battleship and 7 Other Things Learned on the Set of ‘Battleship’ |Moviefone|

‘Parks & Recreation’: 5 Things to Know About ‘Ron and Tammys’ |AOL TV|

Attack of the Show Interview with Idris Elba |G4TV|

Adult Swim’s Time to Waste with Harry Shearer |Adult Swim|

Punk Isn’t Dead PSA with Henry Rollins |The Daily What|

Atlanta Falcons’ Kicker has Golf Clubs Stolen by his Chinese Food Delivery Guy |Brobible|

The “Fetch” Effect: 8 Actors that Hollywood Has Tried, and Failed, to Make Happen |Pajiba|

7 Impressive Examples of Art from Behind Prison Walls |The Smoking Jacket|

15 Movies as Road Signs |Unreality|

Now THAT Is A Support Group |NextRound|

PICTURE BELOW: This comic is internet. |via PandyLand|

VIDEO BELOW: I think we might know which dog is guilty. |via TheDailyWhat|