Take-Two Interactive Steps Up, Assumes The Important Task Of Taking Wrestling Fans’ Money

Yes Daniel Bryan, you will be receiving video game residuals in 2013. 

Wrestling games! Much like pro-wrestling itself, wrestling video games are ignored by all but a niche audience that takes them very, very seriously. So when THQ (the pre-eminent publisher of grapplin’ games for the past 15-years) was torn apart by rabid creditors last month, a small but vocal group of gamers were quite concerned about the fate of the WWE license.

Well, don’t worry wrestling fans — there are still video game companies willing to take your money. Take-Two Interactive, the company behind the 2K Sports line, will be publishing all future WWE games. Phew, that was close. Could you imagine a world where a WWE game didn’t come out in 2013? How else am I going to be able to play as Roman Reigns and Fandango before they’re released?

Don’t expect much change in the games themselves though — Yuke’s, the developer of the last hundred or so WWE games, will continue developing WWE games going forward. Ah, all my dreams of a Jack Swagger of Mars space shooter or an incredibly difficult to control Kofi Kingston platformer, dashed upon the rocks.

via Kotaku