Teachers Sharing Their Dumbest Students Questions Will Have You Weeping For The Future

01.27.17 3 years ago 12 Comments

It’s no big secret that society is getting progressively dumber, if the current state of the executive branch of our government is any indication. At this point, it seems as though our only hope lies within the children to keep the world from turning into full-on Idiocracy over the course of the next century, and if that’s the case… Well, this probably isn’t going to be of much comfort.

Although the saying goes “there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers,” let’s face it — sometimes there are also dumb questions. Case in point, teachers of Reddit rounded up the most stupid questions they’ve been asked by students, and again, I wouldn’t put much stock into our future generations going by some of these gems.


I once projected a picture of the Earth onto the front white board. A student asked, “How do astronauts stand on a planet like that?”


I’ve shared this before, but as a high school biology teacher, a 16 year old student once asked me “Wait, aren’t rhinos made of mud?”

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