The Technology Behind ‘Get Even’ Might Be The Future Of Next-Gen Graphics

Get Even is a new atmospheric shooter being made by The Farm 51, a Polish team that’s worked on various games of middling quality in the past. So why’s their new project something to get excited about? Because the game uses a new technology called Thorskan, which, thankfully, has nothing to do with Thor’s foreskin. What? I can’t be the only one who had that thought, right? Really?

Uh well, anyways, Thorskan allows developers to scan real life environments and turn them into photorealistic 3D game worlds. The video below showcases what Thorskan is capable of…

Pretty impressive, no? The Farm 51 has also released a teaser trailer for Get Even. The trailer mixes in some live action footage (the short bits with the soldiers) but everything else is in-game footage created with Thorskan. Kind of hard to tell the real stuff, from the gameplay footage, isn’t it?

Will Get Even end up being a great game? Who knows, but this does give some indication of what kind of next-gen visuals are coming down the pipe once we get past the “Xbox 360 games with better lighting and hair” phase we’re in now. I’m sure somebody will put Thorskan to good use, and I’d be shocked if the big publishers aren’t working on something even more impressive.

via Kotaku here & here