Teen Answers A Rejection Letter From Duke University With A Rejection Letter Rejecting Their Rejection Letter


Siobhan O’Dell was not accepted to Duke University, as she learned in the rejection letter she received from them. Knowing that she wasn’t alone in getting one of these terse, unfeeling missives and the crappy feeling that comes with it, O’Dell decided to give Duke a taste of its own medicine. Borrowing the polite language she read in her rejection letter, she wrote and sent the university a rejection letter rejecting the rejection letter:

Originally posted to her Tumblr account, the letter soon went viral and even led to a segment on CNN:

Duke actually responded to the rejection letter that they received from O’Dell and said that despite her vow to attend the university in the fall, her only option was to appeal the decision. However, they noted that even doing so probably wouldn’t work out and they didn’t “wish to raise unreasonable expectations” on her part.


Well. Then.

Clearly, O’Dell is a tenacious chick who will stop at nothing in pursuit of her dreams, so maybe Duke doesn’t even deserve her. And it doesn’t matter anyway because she’s going to the University of South Carolina. Good luck, Siobhan!

Source: CNN Money