This Stoner Dude Had A Hilarious Reason For Leading Cops On A 100 MPH Chase

Marijuana affects people differently. For some stoners, all they can do is fall asleep while trying to watch The Wedding Singer on Netflix, while others, like 26-year-old Jonathan Davis, lead police on a 100 mph chase through five counties in Texas. Yeehaw!

Davis’ explanation for what he did? “I was trying to get to San Antonio… until they shot my car!” he says. Then, with the most Texan grammar ever, “Dang! They shootin’ at me? I ain’t even got no gun!” The local Fox 4 news report above says that sheriff’s deputies shot the tires in Davis’ car to get him to stop.

It’s unclear if he was high during the chase, but Davis said he had weed in his car, which is why he tried to evade capture. “I’m tired of getting arrested for weed. I can’t get a regular job, ever, anywhere…”

Maybe Davis should move to a state that’s friendlier to weed, then, like California. If all else fails, he could work in a dispensary, although who knows now with the felony charges that he’s facing. Maybe it was worth it, though, since he calls the car chase “a thrill.”

“It’s fun anywhere,” Davis says. “I’m just an adrenaline junkie.”