Texts From Hillary Wins The Internet Today

In case you’ve forgotten, Hillary Clinton is kind of a bada$s. Just think, a decade and half ago a large part of how the public perceived her, justified or not, was that she was a bitter, humiliated, publicly-cheated-on wife. Today she’s arguably the most powerful woman in the world. Nice turnaround, Hil!
So it’s fair that say that a Hillary-as-Superwoman meme is long overdue. Not sure what took something like “Texts From Hillary” so long to materialize, but it has, and it’s glorious. Maybe it’s because so much of her badas$ery is conducted behind closed doors, out of the public’s view? You can bet she’s probably busting some third-world dictator’s balls right now in a dimly lit room while you’re reading this. Would you want to piss off Hillary Clinton? No, that’s what I thought.

(HT: Buzzfeed)